Make WALLY happen

Talk to you friends and neighbors about WALLY.

Attend Friends of WALLY organization meetings.

Join us staffing informational tables at many local events.

Speak at local government meetings. If you live in Livingston or Washtenaw Counties your city, township or village government wants to hear what you think. When people voice their opinions the leaders get a better idea of how people feel about the issue and are more likely to act on WALLY. Elected Officials

If you are a better writer than speaker, write letters to local government officials and newspapers. The more people that hear about WALLY the more likely it is that they will act.

Helpfull links

Ann Arbor TheRide website.

Michigan Association of Railroad Passengers website

Michigan By Rail website

Transportation for Michigan website.

A2D Rail Alliance website

Livingston Essential Transportation Service website

Michigan Environmental Council website

Michigan Department of Transportation website

Michigan Railroads Association website

Transportation Riders United website

M-1 RAIL website

Transportation for America website

American Public transportation
Association (APTA) website

Helpfull Reports

Coast to Coast Study   Coast-to-CoastPassengerRailStudy

Genoa Township Letter of Support for WALLY  Genoa Twp. Letter of Support

Home values close to Commuter Rail download pdf

OperatingPlanBudget. download pdf

StationDevelopment. download pdf

Track Signal Gradedownload pdf

Ridership Estimatesdownload pdf

Finance And Administrationdownload pdf

Customer Service download pdf

Development Opportunities download pdf

Ann Arbor Railroad Extensiondownload pdf

Fundingdownload pdf

Commuter to UM by zip and citydownload pdf